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Unlock a 40% Revenue Boost: Join Shopuddy’s Digital Loyalty Program today!

Join our digital loyalty rewards program and maximise returns. Our loop loyalty system allows businesses to issue digital loyalty cards and flash rewards to your customers, seamlessly appearing in your customers’ Apple Wallet & Google Wallet.

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Why Choose Shopuddy as your Digital Loyalty Solution?

Get Digital Stamp Cards and Vouchers tailored to your business. Shopuddy offers a comprehensive digital loyalty solution across industries from Coffee Shops to Gas Stations, Restaurants to Convenience Stores. Achieve your promotional dreams and make them count with Shopuddy.

CRM System

Shopuddy's digital loyalty program for small business includes a robust CRM system that enables you to track customer behavior, personalize rewards, and analyze customer data to optimize your loyalty program. With this customer loyalty solution, you can improve customer retention and drive sales by offering personalized rewards and creating a seamless customer experience.

Customer Loyalty Card App

Shopuddy’s free digital loyalty card app provides convenient access to all of Shopuddy’s unique features. Our user-friendly platform enables customers to easily enroll in brand loyalty programs, manage their points and rewards, and stay up to date on the latest promotions and offers. For customers, this means seamless engagement, convenient points tracking and reward redemption all in one place.

Digital Loyalty Card

Shopuddy’s customer loyalty solution provides a convenient way for customers to access loyalty membership and rewards. The digital loyalty program replaces traditional physical membership and punch cards, providing a secure platform for customers to store their digital stamp cards and vouchers. This cross-platform feature improves customer experience, overall increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

E-Reward Program

E-Reward Program

Create your exclusive free online loyalty points campaign with Shopuddy’s Digital Stamp Card solution for small businesses. Customers can effortlessly integrate your digital punch card within their Apple Wallet and Google Pay on their phones, enhancing accessibility. Our free online loyalty card system enables businesses to communicate unlimited messages, exclusive offers and rewards to their customers whenever and wherever you wish. Elevate customer experience and boost customer loyalty with Shopuddy’s E-reward Program.

E-Voucher and Gift Card

E-Voucher and Gift Card

Upgrade your discount system with our scannable free digital Loyalty Card and E-Voucher Solution. Encourage upfront customer payments by offering prepay discounts using Shopuddy’s E-voucher solution. This robust program for small businesses enhances customer engagement and cultivates enduring, long-lasting connections. In addition, offering customized gift card reward programs, exclusively for your businesses, to both new and returning customers fosters brand loyalty, thus boosting customer retention and long term sales growth. E-voucher and gift card integration into mobile wallets make it readily visible and accessible for customers, ensuring every day use.



Customise your e-membership and elevate customer loyalty through tailored perks and special privileges with our digital rewards program for small businesses. Multi-tier membership allows your customers to enjoy different exclusive benefits. The membership platform enables seamless distribution of easy rewards, uplevel deals and exclusive rewards to your valued loyal members anytime and anywhere - at the click of a button.


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