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Create a seamless experience for small-midsize restaurants to connect with their loyal customers and digitalize their data.

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A takeaway concept in Hong Kong that promotes green and healthy living by serving fresh salads, sandwiches, and hot items in eco-friendly packaging.

To maintain customer loyalty, we provide several customer retention solutions to FOODBOX
  • Online Ordering Service
  • E-reward Program
  • In-app Marketing Promotion
  • Analytic Dashboard

Best Marketing and E-commerce Promotion Tool

Launching your shop in Shopuddy provides you all-in-one services.

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How It Works

Customer Retention System

A strategy for enhancing your customers' long-term loyalty to your brand and business.

Personalized Contents

Deliver relevant services to customers by tracking previous buying behavior

Customers Loyalty Program

E-reward program can gain the retention rate by rewarding your most loyal customers

Data Analysis

Metrics tracking that could assist you in strategically allocating your resources


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