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Getting Shopuddy for your pet business is like employing your very own loyalty manager, one who understands what your customers and their closest friends prefer and precisely how to lure them back in the door. Shopuddy can help your pet store become a destination for clients, whether they are two-legged or four-legged.

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Why should you use Shopuddy to run your pet store?

Loyalty Manager for Pet Shops

Using Shopuddy's smart loyalty management saves you both time and effort. It will automatically send your customers and their dogs goodies and incentives and offer them exactly the right TLC to have them come back again and again.

Digital Payment Processing

It is always a pleasure to make your clients' life simpler. Our Digital Payment Processing lets your clients pay you on their mobile devices, allowing for more spontaneous transactions. Shopuddy's Digital Payment Processing We have all seen hamsters, and we know how irrational they can be.

In-store Pet Shop Digital Gift Cards

Shopuddy's digital gift voucher is the ideal present to let your clients celebrate in style and help you keep them coming back to your store on their birthdays or the celebrations of their animal companions.

Loyalty Manager for Pet Shops
Digital Payment Processing
In-store Pet Shop Digital Gift Cards

How can Shopuddy help with your pet store?


A pet shop that is serious about client retention but does not want to spend the bulk of its marketing money on a loyalty programme is a good fit. Owning your own loyalty programme will provide you an advantage over your rivals. In order to keep your customers happy, Shopuddy offers an inexpensive client retention programme that is tailor-made for your company.


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