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E-Voucher (Digital Voucher)

With E-Vouchers, you can offer discounts and promotions to your clients through the Internet. Customer loyalty can be rewarded via the use of an E-Voucher, which can be given to existing or new consumers as a token of appreciation for any activity or campaign. Each of these vouchers is redeemable just once (single-use) on your online business or as a gift to others and may provide discounts or other perks.

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How special is Shopuddy’s E-Voucher?

Virtual gift cards allow your customers to send their best wishes to their loved ones even during the pandemic. In the electronic generation, the annual growth of virtual gift cards is even 30%.

Portals Offer Automated Incentive Systems

Automated incentive systems create electronic vouchers straight from your portal. Support multiple online payment methods.

Design Your Own Voucher

Fully customized voucher design and layout for each customer. With our gift card programmes, you can incentivize your clients to sign up for your website and so have access to more useful customer data.

Voucher Management

Keep track of vouchers from the time they are issued until they are converted. Using our open API, you can integrate voucher redemption straight onto your website.


E-Voucher and Gift Cards

With Shopuddy, you can start your own E-Voucher programme at a fraction of the cost. All of our fantastic services are included in our affordable monthly price, and there are never any transaction fees.

E-Voucher and Gift Cards
Coffee Shop

With a The Classics Coffee Voucher, you may get a free beverage worth HK$45 or less at any Coffee shop. Extra payment on the price difference is necessary for redemption of any You may use these physical coupons for six months from the day you purchased them. The expiration date will be clearly marked on each actual voucher.


Gift vouchers could well be purchased at no additional cost. Gift cards can be activated with a value ranging from $100 to $5000. Give out the E-Voucher to your family and friends to share the best dining experience.

Grocery Store

Find a wide selection of supermarket gift cards and grocery store gift cards. From delectable delicacies and fine wines to large-screen TVs, spa treatments and the newest DVDs, this establishment has it all. Promotional coupons are only redeemable if the amount of money in your shopping cart meets the indicated spending limit.

Pet Shop

Have no idea what to get a dog-lover buddy for their birthday or other special occasion? Do you have a last-minute gift to send? Purchase a Gift E-Voucher for them. The recipient may use the gift vouchers at the pet store to buy any item they like.


Cuts, colour, blow-drys, and beauty treatments are all included in your coupon. It is up to you what you choose to wear. Some of the coupons are worth up to $1,000. Share the greatest hair service you have ever had with your loved one.


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