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Loopy Loyalty Alternative

Tired of all the complicated registration procedures? Shopuddy provides you a seamless experience and easy access to the Customer Retention Management System, Customer Loyalty App and Digital Loyalty Program.

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Here’s Why Shopuddy Is A Great Alternative

We provide the best and the easiest retention solution for SMEs.

Reduced Costs

Pay monthly fee from the lowest $5.99 up to $79.99. No transaction fee will be charged per order.

Insightful Customer Data Analysis

Metrics tracking assists you to allocate brand resources genuinely. Analyze the actual, financial gains that your digital loyalty program has brought in.

High Flexibility and Convenience

Restaurants can customize layout and promotion plans. Customers can pay their bills via Apple Wallet or Google Pay conveniently.

High Customer Interaction

Interact through notifications and promotion campaigns anytime and anywhere. Highly responsive to customers’ needs.

Our Client


A Hong Kong takeaway concept that promotes green and healthy living by delivering fresh salads, sandwiches, and hot products in environmentally friendly packaging.

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Customer Retention Management

Customer Retention Management

Our digital loyalty program includes a powerful CRM portal that enables you to manage your loyalty rewards card programs and gain valuable insights into your customer data. With this feature, you can easily track customer behavior, personalize rewards, and optimize your loyalty program to improve customer retention and drive sales.

Customer Loyalty App

Customer Loyalty App

Our loyalty program for small business includes a user-friendly web app that allows customers to easily enroll in the program and stay up to date with the latest marketing information. With this feature, customers can access their loyalty reward card, view their point balance, and receive personalized offers and promotions.

Digital Loyalty Pass

Digital Loyalty Pass

Our cross-platform wallet pass is a convenient and secure way for customers to access their digital loyalty rewards card, digital vouchers, and digital membership. With this feature, customers can easily retrieve their loyalty pass from their smartphone's digital wallet, making it easier than ever to redeem rewards and stay engaged with the loyalty program.

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Core Features
Loyalty Cards
Customer Activity Tracking
Customer Rentention System
Google Pay and Apple Wallet
Mobile App
Client Portal
Member Portal
Admin Support
Campaign Analytics
Campaign Management
Customizable Templates
E-Commerce Management

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