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For nail salons, Shopuddy is like having a dedicated loyalty manager who understands just how to keep consumers coming back for more. Shopuddy's nail salon loyalty programme may help your salon become the go-to nail shop in town, whether it is to advertise holiday manicure specials or the newest trendy trend.

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How would you use Shopuddy to benefit your nail salon?

Vouchers Customized to Your Specific Needs

Each one of your customers is unique, and you must treat them as such. Some like short, square nails, while others prefer long, round ones. Shopuddy's digital vouchers, customised to each of your customers, will quickly entice them to return to you.

Convenient Digital Payment

The worst thing that might happen is that you go for your wallet to pay for a beautiful manicure and accidentally destroy it. Customers may pay you at any time using Shopuddy. Your clients are already a step ahead of you.

Members of the Branded Members Club

Shopuddy gives you the ability to put your own private members club directly in the hands of your clients. You may use the app, SMS, WhatsApp, or any other kind of communication your clients like to keep track of their information and preferences, advertise your services, and show off your newest creations.

Vouchers Customized to Your Specific Needs
Convenient Digital Payment
Members of the Branded Members Club

How can Shopuddy help with your nail salon?


Loyal customers are more likely to buy. Your company's specific goals and budget can be met by Shopuddy's low-cost client retention programme. With a customer reward programme, you may increase network traffic, sales, and favourable word of mouth. Track your clients' behaviour to see who they are and what keeps them coming back.


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