Shopuddy can teach you how to create a membership card to boost customer loyalty and retention with all the details. By offering exclusive benefits and rewards, businesses can incentivize repeat purchases and build lasting relationships with their customers.

What is Shopuddy

Have you ever been wondering how to maximize the exposure of your business? Are you expecting to increase customer engagement and loyalty? Or, make your brand stand out among all the competitors? Well, it is easier than you think with the helping hand of Shopuddy. Shopuddy is a local and multi-functional digital platform that provides the channel to create E-Reward, Voucher, and Membership Programs. It helps businesses to form a close connection with customers by maximizing the user experiences through a concise interface, which is a mutually beneficial platform. It covers a wide variety of businesses, including coffee shops, bakeries, restaurants, boutiques, and even nail salons, in order to meet the widest range of demands.

4 Steps to Create the Membership Card

The Membership Program is sponsored by different businesses that aim to attract customers through discounts and bonuses, which may directly facilitate customer engagement and brand loyalty. After gaining a brief knowledge of our background, we will teach you how to create your membership cards by four steps.

Step 1

First, create an account at the official website.

Step 1 creating a membership card
step 2

After signing into your account, click on ‘Create New Card,’ where the selection of three different types of cards will be shown up on the right side of the interface. Select ‘Start Now’ under the ‘Membership Card’ category and start designing your company’s details. A hero image is an essential element that can have a direct effect on the businesses’ distinctiveness. Creating a high-resolution photo with an outstanding design for your brand would not only attract the public’s attention, but also increase the credibility of the business.

Step 2 creating a membership card
Step 3

During the next step, upload the icon and enter your brand’s name. It is also possible to change the background color as you wish. Remember that you can always check on the designs shown on IOS, Android, and even the notification display to make adequate adjustments if needed. The Membership Tier is another crucial factor that needs to be mentioned. It aims to reward the loyal customers, encourage interaction, and consolidate the relationship between the businesses and clients. Individuals who have accumulated certain points will be offered the chance to progressively advance to the bronze, silver, and gold tiers, where businesses can establish their own standards accordingly.

Step 3 creating a membership card
Step 4

Lastly, input the card details by providing useful links (if available) and Terms & Conditions. The default texts serve as a reference for constructing your own version of the information. Under the ‘General’ section, input appropriate descriptions highlighting your business features and relevant pop-up messages. Don’t forget to activate the campaign after finishing the final step, in such a way that the clients may enroll in the Membership Program.

Step 4 creating a membership card

Besides simplifying the customer experience, Shopuddy is also committed to providing businesses with a comprehensive channel to get in touch with clients in different ways. Users can obtain an overview of the created cards from the home page, but more importantly, the registered clients and relevant enrollment statistics. The system will display the contact information of all the clients with the total number of points earned by each individual. At the same time, the statistics page shows the total enrolled customers and the points issued and used on a monthly basis. New users and total points (including issued and used) are presented in graphic forms, which provides the businesses with direct and clear views of the progress.

Join Our Membership Program

You are probably wondering what makes us special among the Membership Programs, and here are the reasons:

1. Simple and Concise Interface

Many of the earlier generations are having a hard time catching up with the latest trends of technologies under the rapid development of modern society. In many circumstances, they will have to give up certain benefits in the absence of assistance. Shopuddy has minimized the potential inconvenience to the greatest extent, simplifying the learning process by providing a less complicated interface, meanwhile, indirectly increasing the clients’ willingness to engage with the program.

2. Convenient Users Experience

Shopuddy makes full use of the digital wallet of the two biggest operating systems (Android & Apple), allowing people to use the membership card through Apple Wallet and Google Pay. It satisfies the customers’ needs for users from both sides, where people can obtain the latest information from your business on time and facilitate engagement.

3. Good Opportunity for Exposure

Customization provides businesses the chance to visualize and promote their idea and culture in a creative way. Shopuddy users may efficiently use the functionalities to incorporate the distinct features of their businesses and form a fan base.

Overall, compared with other service platforms, Shopuddy’s design is more based on maximizing the user and customer experience than just providing a certain service. The registered users can customize the membership card based on their preferences, design the award information creatively, and remember to make the Membership Tier feature available to engage the clients with the program fully! Act now and make connections with your customers on Shopuddy.