Loyalty programs have evolved beyond the traditional model of in-store points and rewards, with businesses now using social media platforms to engage with customers and offer innovative loyalty programs. WeChat and Line, as the communication tools that have dominated Asian countries since their inception, have gradually transformed into platforms that enable businesses to expand their customer base and cultivate loyalty. Let’s delve into the different strategies behind WeChat and Line’s Mini Program mechanism and explore how these programs have been engaging customers and driving business growth.

Streamlined & Seamless User Experience

Similar to the concept of a business’ Facebook page, WeChat Official and Line Business Accounts serve as a platform for businesses to interact with users by sharing content and services specific to their brand. They focus on providing a more comprehensive version of customer service and e-commerce capabilities than their Subscription and Official Account counterparts. 

WeChat Mini Program and Line Mini Apps launched their Mini Programs in 2016 and 2017, respectively. Over time, both platforms have integrated loyalty programs into their Mini Programs, enabling businesses to reward customers through a more convenient channel.

WeChat Mini Program

Generally speaking, WeChat Official Accounts provide an opportunity for businesses to promote and emphasize their brand values through a wide variety of forms, such as compelling articles, infographics, and product demos. Starbucks, one of the most famous food and beverage industries, has also integrated its loyalty program into WeChat. Let’s take a look at the Starbucks China account: 

Beneath the profile picture, businesses are provided with a space to introduce their nature and share links to their channels. WeChat Official Accounts consist of three main sections. The ‘Articles’ section is designed for businesses to publish blog-like content, such as the latest events, promotions, and service updates. By providing a platform for businesses to publish engaging content, it creates a unique opportunity for businesses to exhibit their unique character and establish a more personal relationship with their audience. This involves not only producing high-quality content, but also actively interacting with subscribers through comments and messages. 

The ‘Channel’ section provides a platform to showcase visually stunning video content.

Starbucks' Official Account: Channel Section

The ‘Services’ section is tailor-made to help businesses offer additional services to their followers, and this is where Mini Programs come in. Starbucks has also implemented its membership program into the WeChat Mini Program, providing customers with a quick and convenient way to browse the menu, place an order, and make payments using WeChat Pay.

Mini Program of Starbucks

Line Mini App

While WeChat’s Official Account primarily focuses on disseminating information, Line’s Business Account offers a more playful and creative environment for businesses to engage with users through features like stickers and group polls. It provides a shortcut for followers to access the most up-to-date information about events, much like WeChat. Besides the chatroom, Line has also adopted a social-media-feed-like interface that enables users to scroll through, creating a sense of community among the followers. 

7-Eleven's Line Official Account

Followers from Line’s Business Account can access the Mini App through the chatroom. Carrefour’s Business Account is a good example of how Line can be used for loyalty programs. Through their Line Mini App, Carrefour offers a range of features that help followers stay connected with their membership program. These include access to purchased history, invoice records, and AI assistance for a series of customer service and the latest promotion. 

Line's Mini App

Target Audience

In general, WeChat Official Account is prone to appeal to a more professional and business-oriented audience, while Line Business Account is often more appealing to a younger demographic that is highly engaged in social activities. Despite these differences, both platforms offer similar features and capabilities for businesses to engage with their audience and promote their brand. 

WeChat and Line have both integrated their loyalty programs into their Mini Apps, which are compatible with Android and iOS systems. However, the full potential of loyalty programs may not be fully realized through these tools; as loyalty program is simply a part of the overall user experience, the comprehensiveness still has much room for improvement.

What We Can Offer You

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