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Shopuddy's integration with Google Sheets via Zapier allows you to seamlessly manage your loyalty program and keep track of customer purchases and redemptions.


Effortlessly Track Loyalty Program Data with Shopuddy's Google Sheets Integration

Shopuddy's integration with Google Sheets via Zapier allows you to easily record transactions in your loyalty program in real-time. This integration saves you time and ensures accurate record-keeping for your loyalty program.

Google Sheets
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Automatically Record Stamp Additions and Deductions

Using Shopuddy's integration with Google Sheets via Zapier, you can record every stamp addition and deduction made by your customers in real-time, allowing you to keep track of their progress towards rewards.

Keep Track of Voucher Purchases and Redemptions

With Shopuddy's integration, you can easily monitor new voucher purchases and redemptions made by customers, ensuring accurate record-keeping and preventing fraud.

Monitor Membership Point Additions and Deductions

Shopuddy's integration with Google Sheets via Zapier allows you to keep track of every membership point addition and deduction made by your customers, ensuring the integrity of your loyalty program.


Similar Integrations

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Customer Retention Management

Our digital loyalty program includes a powerful CRM portal that enables you to manage your loyalty rewards card programs and gain valuable insights into your customer data. With this feature, you can easily track customer behavior, personalize rewards, and optimize your loyalty program to improve customer retention and drive sales.

Customer Loyalty App

Customer Loyalty App

Our loyalty program for small business includes a user-friendly web app that allows customers to easily enroll in the program and stay up to date with the latest marketing information. With this feature, customers can access their loyalty reward card, view their point balance, and receive personalized offers and promotions.

Digital Loyalty Pass

Digital Loyalty Pass

Our cross-platform wallet pass is a convenient and secure way for customers to access their digital loyalty rewards card, digital vouchers, and digital membership. With this feature, customers can easily retrieve their loyalty pass from their smartphone's digital wallet, making it easier than ever to redeem rewards and stay engaged with the loyalty program.

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Common Questions

Integration refers to combining and unifying different software applications that create a cohesive system, maximizing productivity and user experience. By integrating with a diverse selection of widely used software tools and platforms, Shopuddy is able to offer businesses a comprehensive and streamlined e-commerce solution that meets multifaceted needs and preferences.
Integrating different software applications can increase efficiency and reduce economic and time costs for businesses by automating repetitive and unnecessary workflows. Furthermore, it enables businesses to obtain practical knowledge of their operations to facilitate better-informed decisions.
To determine if your business needs integration, consider your current workflows and systems. Integration may not be necessary for all businesses; instead, it depends on a variety of factors, such as the complexity of its operation, poor customer experience, etc. By carefully evaluating your business’s requirements and assessing the inefficiencies, you can determine whether integration would be a valuable investment.
Shoppudy has successfully integrated with various software applications, such as Zapier, Mailchimp, Eats365, Shopify, WhatsApp, Sontec, and more. Our integration capabilities are continuously expanding, and we plan to add even more software applications in the near future to provide our customers with even greater flexibility and functionality.

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