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E-Reward (Digital Loyalty)

The E-Reward system is more than just an E-Stamp and E-Voucher offering, it’s a comprehensive digital loyalty card and digital rewards program that caters to businesses of all sizes. We’re confident in our solution and offer a digital loyalty card free trial for businesses interested in exploring the power of customer loyalty programs.

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How can Merchants benefit from Shopuddy’s E-Reward Program?

Firms are always longing for offering the best customized incentive to customers. We are now providing an online loyalty program that leverages the power of a virtual loyalty card and a comprehensive loyalty website for you.

Interactive Loyalty Engagement

With our interactive loyalty engagement feature, you’ll be able to interact with your most loyal customers anytime, anywhere. Plus, our system gives you the flexibility to create your own loyalty card system tailored to your unique business needs.

Data Analysis Services

Our data analysis services work as a loyalty tracker, helping you understand customer behaviour through crucial metrics. With our customer loyalty software for small businesses, you can modify the program to cater to your customers’ needs more effectively.

E-Reward Customization

Our E-Reward customization feature works like a digital loyalty card maker, allowing you to create rewards card designs that resonate with your brand identity. You have complete control of the program, including the point-to-dollar ratio that works best for your business.


E-Reward Program

Let us take care of client retention while you focus on running your company! Shopuddy has a vast range of options to choose from. When it comes to increasing customer loyalty and sales, rewarding staff, or motivating students at an educational institution, we have the ideal solution for you!

E-Reward Program

Incentives such as “refer a customer and get 100 points” and “purchase 10 cakes, get 1 free” may be used to motivate consumers to return. Our system works as a loyalty card app for small businesses, keeping them in touch with your customers and informing them about new items and special deals.


Allow customers to pay using a reloadable cash card, so they do not have to rummage through their pockets for coins. Use points to reward customers who spend money on your menu items. Be sure to take advantage of deals like “buy 9 coffees, get 1 free.” Keep in touch with your clients and let them know about promotions.

Hair Salon

Customers who pre-book appointments or use their services will be rewarded with points, which can be used to offset the cost of future visits. As a way to entice customers on sluggish days, use promos such as “double point Monday”. Automate the delivery of customized messages of gratitude to your loyal clients.

Pet Store

Keep in touch with your clients and let them know about promotions. Customers may earn reward points by purchasing certain pet items. Incentives such “refer a friend and get 500 points” should be offered. Offer discounts like “purchase 9 grooming services or pet’s product, get 1 free”.


Make clients happy by rewarding them with points for their favourite meals or regular visits. Incentives such as “refer a friend and get 100 points” should be offered. If you buy one appetiser, you will get a second dessert for free. Send tailored notifications and rewards to consumers who have shown their appreciation. Keep in touch with your clients and let them know about new promotions and products on the menu.


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